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Is It a Bad Move To Keep Many Credit Cards? How Many is Okay?

The question of how many credit cards make for the best flexibility, convenience and financial responsibility can be difficult to answer. There are certainly some easy credit cards out there that nearly anyone can be approved for.  Some financial responsibility advocates feel that the ideal number is zero. They feel that all debt is bad – even debt that you pay back before the interest meter begins to run. Extremist positions like this one may not be very financially responsible, though. It can be hard to build a good credit score without a few credit cards that report your financial behavior to the credit bureaus. You need a good credit score for everything – even a good job, sometimes.

What exactly determines how many credit cards is the magic number?


The number of credit cards you decide to apply for should come from exactly one thing – your credit score. You should keep as many credit cards as you can without hurting your credit score.

The fact is that going with a very large number of credit cards won’t ever hurt your credit score much. Whether you have 2 or 12, how you manage your credit cards is what matters.

People with the one credit card can run up a high, unpaid balance, live on minimum payments each month and hurt their credit score. Your credit score depends on how much of your credit you end up using. A person with a dozen credit cards who pays up all his bills each month can have an 800 credit score or higher.

Five or six credit cards works for most people

Considering that your average credit card has a $20,000 limit, getting a half dozen cards will mean that you have a spending limit worth $120,000. This is a good thing because even if you end up spending $10,000 in a given month, you’ll still only be about 8% into your credit limit. If you have just two $20,000 credit cards, though, the $10,000 bill would be 25% of your limit – which is risky. The credit bureaus see someone who uses up that much of this credit limit as a financially unstable person.


A diverse set of cards can help you be financially responsible in another way

Retailers often have special deals for customers who pay with certain credit cards. You can even get a Priceline credit card, which will give you travel rewards (you can use coupon codes on top of that as well!). When you have a portfolio of five or six, you usually have the best credit card for the job on you. You will also never have any trouble with a retailer who doesn’t accept one or another kind of card.